Wedding Gifts - The Problems Of Living Together Before Marriage

Everyone will want to know what you buy you for your wedding. As soon as they receive your invitation, they'll want to know about your wedding gift registry. The problem for many couples is that they've lived together for years and have all the home items that they need. So, what can guests get you for your wedding?

At the same time as thinking about what you would like as wedding gifts, you will need to think about gifts for your guests, in the form of wedding favors. Here are a few ideas for everything.

Simple Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Keep the gifts for your guests simple, especially on a budget. Just a small box of sugared almonds, a delicacy from your own culture or coated chocolate are great ideas. If you really want to do something a little more special, consider offering practical gifts that people can keep afterwards. This will give them a reminder of your big day for years to come.

Some reusable ideas include photo frames, having a Polaroid or digital camera for them to take instant pictures of the day and name places for a sit-down meal that link to your theme. These ideas can cost more money though. You will need to look at your wedding budget.

Your List for Your Wedding Gifts

If you've lived together for a few years, you may be stuck for ideas for people. It is often worth putting a little note to say that you have the basics, like the toaster, kettle and dining set that people love to buy to mark this occasion. Instead, you could ask for money towards your honeymoon fund, home improvement pot or for children if you have them.

Not everyone is going to want to give money. Some will want to buy you something that you can use. It may be worth having a small wedding gift registry with items that you could find a home for in your own house. Some of these could be beautiful ornaments or the items that you have always dreamed of having.

Setting Up a Fund for People to Transfer Money

If you decide to do the honeymoon or home improvement fun, you could consider setting up a specific bank account for this. It would need to be in your joint names. The downside is that it is just another bank account for the bride to change when her name changes! If you already have a joint account, give those details for people to make the transfer for the monetary wedding gifts. You could also use the bank account of one of the couple if you haven't joined your funds together.

You don't need a wedding gift registry but make sure you make that clear with your wedding invitations. People want to buy items for the couple and will want to know what you would like to receive. Have a short note that details your preferences for your wedding gifts, whether that is a link to a registry or you prefer funds to help towards other costs.