Wedding Decoration Tips On A Budget

Your wedding decorations are going to be a major part of your big day. It sets the scene and gives an impression for how the rest of the day will be and look. At the same time, the wedding decoration you choose needs to fit your style, tastes and preferences. After all, this is your big day as a couple; not your parents, family members or friends.

Pick a Theme that Means Something

Before choosing your wedding venue decoration items, you need to think about your theme. This needs to be something that means something to the two of you. It could be a theme that shows what you love about each other, a joining of cultures or even something that you love to do with each other.

Your theme could also involve the season, which is really helpful when trying to find a way to add decorations. For example, a winter wedding could include a winter wonderland for the decorations. A Halloween wedding could have pumpkins and a haunted house as your decorations.

Set Your Wedding Decoration Budget

You need to determine your budget to avoid overspending on the decorations. This is usually around 10% of the total wedding budget but it will depend on the amount of venues you have to cover. Some people get married and have the reception in the same building but others will choose to switch venues throughout the day.

Once you have a main wedding venue decoration budget, it is time to divide it between the different areas. You need some for your wedding flowers, the seat covers, the table decorations and the decorations for the disco/evening reception hall. Most venues will have someone on hand to help move around the decorations or you could hire a wedding planner to help.

Double Up on Your Decorations

One great idea, especially if you are on a tight budget, is to double up on your decorations. For example, your name places can double up as your wedding favours. You could use the same table decorations for the evening reception as well as your wedding breakfast during the day. If you are moving between different venues, you could ask your ushers to pick up those items to be used in the reception rooms.

Get Creative with Your Wedding Venue Decoration

Put that imagination to some use. There are a lot of decoration ideas on the internet that can help with this. The best part of being creative and making your own decorations is that you can save money, while creating something that fits your personality and theme. It could be something as simple as paper butterfly chains for the walls or elaborate like flower pots made out of cassette tapes.

Let your imagination come to life when choosing the perfect wedding decoration for your big day. Making your own is a great way to save on the wedding budget; just like doubling up on them. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your decorations fit your theme and are things that you enjoy. This day is all about you; not about making your guests happy.