Use Pre Wedding Photography To Make Your Engagement Special

A pre wedding photo may sound like a waste of time for some but it is highly beneficial. There are many ways that you can use engagement photography throughout the run up to your wedding. Let your guests see how happy you are together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Mark Your Engagement in a Special Way

Professional photography is a great way to make a special event bigger. Engagement photography is a great way to mark this time in your life together. You can have shots of the engagement ring and photos together to show how happy you are. You may think that this can be done at any point or that the wedding is the time for all this but people want to see how special your engagement is to you.

There are other ways to mark your engagement in a special way. If your budget is tight, you may decide against a photo shoot. However, it is worth considering the rest of the benefits before you rule it out completely.

Send Out Engagement Invitations

You will want to celebrate this time with your friends and family; more importantly, they will want to celebrate it with you. Engagement invitations are a must, which is when a pre wedding photo comes in use. You could add it to the invitations to make photo invites, so all your friends and family members will know who the two of you are together.

If you're not holding an engagement party to keep the cost down, the photos could be used on your wedding invitations instead. These are becoming more and more popular as people want something unique to mark their big day. Like the engagement invitations, it will also allow all your guests to see what both people look like so they don't make an embarrassing mistake.

Try Out Different Wedding Photographers

You want the perfect photographer for the big day and your engagement photography will give you the chance to trial people in your area. You will get a sense of how they like to control their environment, the quality of the photos and the prices for your wedding shots. This is also a great chance to talk to the photographers on a more personal level; find out why they enjoy their job and what they can offer for your wedding day.

If you are unsure about photographers, ask your friends and family members. Give them a pre wedding photo from each option, without giving names away, and ask them to choose the one they like the best. You could even ask for reasons why to help with your decision. Once you tally up the votes, you will know which wedding photographer is your best choice.

That pre wedding photo is not a waste of time. Your engagement photography gives you the chance to try out different photographers in the area and do something special for this memorable occasion. Make the most of it now; you don't want to regret not doing anything in the future.