Tips To Getting The Best Wedding Flowers On The Day

Wedding flowers are a major part of any wedding. It could be the bridal bouquet that you need to organise, the buttonholes or even the flowers for the church. Whatever you need, the flowers need to look beautiful throughout the day and show off your style and wedding theme. Here is a guide to picking the right company for your wedding bouquet and flowers.

Find a Company Experienced in Weddings

You cannot just opt for the first florist that you find. The company needs to be experienced in handling flowers for weddings. This ensures that they can deliver the large order, in time and according to specifications. If you choose a smaller company for a smaller price, you run the risk of not getting the wedding of your dreams.

Hiring a wedding planner can really help with this stage. Wedding consultants will know the best and most reputable florists in your area. They can also work closely with them, so you can concentrate on other areas of your big day.

Discuss Your Floral Needs

Every couple is different. You may decide against a bridal bouquet because of something else you are walking down the aisle with. On the other hand, you may want a wedding bouquet for every bridesmaid in your party. It is important to find a florist who will discuss your flower needs with you and listen to the things that you want.

Watch out for those who pressure you into buying packages that don't meet your needs. They are usually going this to get more money out of you and show that they're not listening. You need to be comfortable working with the florist, as this can take months of preparation.

This discussion will also be useful to make sure the floral decorations fit your wedding theme. The last thing you want is to have red roses when you have a purple colour scheme. While florists will have an idea of what the average couple wants, she should still listen to and accommodate you.

Fake vs. Real Flowers

Is it worth spending all that money on real flowers? Eventually they die and it can seem like a waste of money. You may want to consider whether fake wedding flowers are worthwhile. They don't have to look tacky - there are some great fabric and silk options - even though they can really help to save money. However, you still need to make sure you buy the fake items from a reputable company.

It could be worth having a mixture of real and fake flowers for your day. For example, your table decorations could be silk petals and roses. Meanwhile, your wedding bouquet for each bridesmaid and the bridal bouquet could be created from real flowers. If you choose to order fake flowers from the internet, make sure you order in time to receive them before your big day.

Never feel pressured into choosing flowers that you do not like or want. When picking a florist or company to handle your wedding flowers, you need to find one that is reputable. Find one who will listen to you and has the experience to deliver on the big day.