Knowing The Price For Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is extremely important for any big day. According to some studies, 10% of your wedding budget should be spent on your wedding photo needs, including your albums and copies of your photos for later use. It is worthwhile spending that money. After all, these are going to hold all the treasured memories of the day.

However, that doesn't mean you had to spend thousands. Spending hundreds of pounds is often enough to get the quality that you need. You just need to understand what you will likely receive for your money.

Less Than HKD5000

If you spend less than HKD5000, the chances are that you've hired a friend to do your wedding photography. There is nothing wrong with this but they likely won't have the professional equipment, the skills or the expertise to create beautiful and elaborate photos. However, they may get the shots that professionals would never think of because they know you and your guests better.

It's likely that they will offer your prints for free. After all, they are friends! However, you should check this before assuming.

Between HKD5000 and HKD10000

This is where you are stepping up on the wedding photo needs and looking at, most likely, student photographers. The good thing is that they have some of the equipment. The bad thing is that they are still learning. Their costs are low because there is the risk of bad quality photos. It could be the first time that they have done wedding photography.

Always check about the cost of the photos, afterwards. While some give them away, just wanting to keep them for samples, others will charge a small amount for the time it takes to improve them with software. It is also worth checking previous samples for their quality.

Between HKD10000 and HKD20000

When you are willing to spend more for wedding photo professionals, you will get better quality. These people do it as a profession. They have the equipment needed, the skill to get all the best shots and the time to go through them and touch them up afterwards. However, that should not stop you from checking samples.

There may be a cost involved in getting copies of your photos afterwards; however, some offer them for free. It is important to check the contract and talk to the photographers before signing anything. It could be that you get your copies for free but your friends and family will need to pay for their copies.

Over HKD20000

There are photographers who charge more than HKD20000. These are professionals but you are not just getting that; in many cases, the cost includes the albums, the copies of photos and the ability to order copies in the future. They are often custom wedding photo packages that may be worth investing in.

To get the right photographer, you need to know more about the price ranges. This will give you an idea of the quality your wedding photography will be like in the end. Take your time to look at samples, whatever price range, to ensure the memories are perfect.