Destination Wedding Tips - Planning Ahead For The Wedding Of Your Dreams

A destination wedding is on the top of many people's list. They want to get away from the rainy, grim weather and enjoy a celebration on the beach or somewhere exotic. The problem for most is the cost. The good news is that you can deal with that and still enjoy your big day in another country.

Plan Ahead to Make a Saving

Tips To Getting The Best Wedding Flowers On The Day

Wedding flowers are a major part of any wedding. It could be the bridal bouquet that you need to organise, the buttonholes or even the flowers for the church. Whatever you need, the flowers need to look beautiful throughout the day and show off your style and wedding theme. Here is a guide to picking the right company for your wedding bouquet and flowers.

Find a Company Experienced in Weddings

Tips To Hire A Professional For Your Wedding Makeup And Hair

Wedding makeup and hair are two things that are on the forefront of a bride's mind. This isn't just for herself. She wants to find something for her bridal party, including her bridesmaids, flower girls, her mother and future mother-in-law. There is no wrong or right way to do the makeup and bridal hair but here are a few tips to make it easier and stress-free.

Start Looking for a Professional Early

Tips To Buy Wedding Dresses Online

Trying to stick to a tight wedding budget can be difficult. There are so many things to buy, including the outfits, decorations and paying for services like the venue and photography. To keep the cost down, you may start looking for wedding dresses online. This is perfectly acceptable but there is some risk. It is important to follow a few general guidelines to get the dress of your dreams.

Order Well In Advance

Wedding Gifts - The Problems Of Living Together Before Marriage

Everyone will want to know what you buy you for your wedding. As soon as they receive your invitation, they'll want to know about your wedding gift registry. The problem for many couples is that they've lived together for years and have all the home items that they need. So, what can guests get you for your wedding?

At the same time as thinking about what you would like as wedding gifts, you will need to think about gifts for your guests, in the form of wedding favors. Here are a few ideas for everything.

Simple Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Use Pre Wedding Photography To Make Your Engagement Special

A pre wedding photo may sound like a waste of time for some but it is highly beneficial. There are many ways that you can use engagement photography throughout the run up to your wedding. Let your guests see how happy you are together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Mark Your Engagement in a Special Way

Knowing The Price For Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is extremely important for any big day. According to some studies, 10% of your wedding budget should be spent on your wedding photo needs, including your albums and copies of your photos for later use. It is worthwhile spending that money. After all, these are going to hold all the treasured memories of the day.

However, that doesn't mean you had to spend thousands. Spending hundreds of pounds is often enough to get the quality that you need. You just need to understand what you will likely receive for your money.

Less Than HKD5000

Wedding Decoration Tips On A Budget

Your wedding decorations are going to be a major part of your big day. It sets the scene and gives an impression for how the rest of the day will be and look. At the same time, the wedding decoration you choose needs to fit your style, tastes and preferences. After all, this is your big day as a couple; not your parents, family members or friends.

Pick a Theme that Means Something

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